Time Magazine Shines Light on Amazing Emergency Paramedic Alanna Badgley

Since 1985, Empress Emergency Medical Services has worked with communities and neighboring cities near Yonkers to provide quality emergency care with a compassionate heart. Alanna Badgley, a paramedic with dedication, does this every day she puts on her uniform and gets a call.

BY CHARLOTTE ALTER/YONKERS, N.Y. APRIL 8, 2020 7:15 PM EDT Charlotte Alter | Time

In 2020, Empress Emergency Medical Services had the honor of being mentioned in Time Magazine. One of our hardworking emergency service workers, Alanna Badgley was personally labeled a hero of the front lines by Time Magazine. Her amazing daily life is detailed as she responds quickly to emergency calls.

In the piece, the author tells the story of a typical shift where she wakes up at 4:45 am and clocks in just before 6 a.m. on April 1st. During the shift, Badgley used her gear, expert knowledge, and training as an Empress paramedic to assist on 11 calls. Out of the 11, she suspected 9 were cases where the patients were positive for Covid-19. Almost immediately as she starts to check her equipment and supplies, she is alerted by someone calling for ‘Medic 61’.

Every day is a different day with new challenges. Before the pandemic, Alanna had many calls including car accidents. Now, the majority of the cases are related to positive tests. While treating car accident patients, she also tests them for Covid-19.

At only 28 years old, small, and sharp, Alanna quickly takes the calls in a calm manner. Speaking with Spanish-speaking patients, she has taken calls in hoarder homes, car accidents, and in nursing homes, where many tested positive for symptoms. She knows the risk but continues to fight at the front of the line as a paramedic—even going as far as talking about possible funeral plans.

A big part of her story centers around her compassion and love for helping people. Alanna witnesses patients in distress and is sometimes the last person a patient sees. She has the tough job of telling family members they can’t ride in the ambulance or visit the hospital because of the pandemic and watches as they realize it may be their last goodbye.

Earlier this year, Alanna was also honored at the First Responders Heroes Gala & Dinner in New York City for her compassion, drive, and dedication on the job. In her work area, she is known for her kind heart and is often seen giving patients one-on-one care and comfort before reaching the hospital.

Alanna Badgley is everything that Empress stands for and loves what she does. She is a true hero, and summarized her mission with, “I’m there to talk to them and to provide some level of empathy and humanity at the moment in which they are truly terrified.”

Empress Emergency Medical Services has been providing patients throughout New York with highly technologically advanced vehicles since 1985. We take calls 24-hours 7-days a week with advanced computer-aided systems. At Empress, we do more than just provide quality tools, our first responders put their all into their jobs, like Alanna, and do so with compassion, empathy, and humanity.