EMS Week/Memorial Day

To: Empress Staff
From: Michael Minerva, President
CC: EMS Week/Memorial Day

Empress Family;

As EMS Week comes to an end and we celebrate Memorial Day it is important that we remember this year’s theme and continue to carry it with us all year; “HONORING OUR PAST & FORGING OUR FUTURE.” It is important to understand and acknowledge the foundational work of those who have come before us while striving to build and lead our industry into the future. Since 1974, National EMS week has recognized the importance you all make as EMS professionals, and I couldn’t be prouder of the difference we make for the residence of the communities we have served year after year.

It has been an amazing week of celebrations, good food, gifts, laughter and camaraderie and I feel that even with all the transitions and acquisitions we are finally coming together as one team and one FAMILY. I have spent the last month with most of our senior leadership visiting all of our operating areas and holding town halls to continue our work on improving internal communication and I hear you! I was extremely pleased on the professional and respectful conversations with the goal by all to improve our overall work
environment. We have taken your comments or concerns very seriously, and we will work tirelessly with the management team to improve your work experience and be better able to support you in providing the highest levels of patient care.

Lastly, I am extremely proud of each and every one of you and I will continue to listen and keep an open mind on the best ways to move the company forward. That doesn’t mean that we will always agree or see eye to eye on every issue, but I want you to understand that you have been heard. Our industry has struggled coming out of COVID, but I believe that management and all of you have worked well together to be out front and lead. I am very confident and encouraged about where we are as an organization, and I am proud of the service we deliver. We have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives every day, so with this in mind, we must remember to work together to make sure our company makes a difference in your lives!

Thank you for all that you do!!!