Empress Ambulance Service Announces the Purchase of Assets of Rockland Mobile Care

Michael Minerva, President of Empress Ambulance Service LLC., today announced a deal that Empress acquires the assets of Rockland Mobile Care.

RMC is the emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport division of Rockland Paramedic Services. RMC was created in 1999 in response to a need for quality ambulance transportation between healthcare facilities in an efficient and professional manner for Rockland County. Interfacility ambulance transportation, both emergency and non-emergency, is a critical part of the continuum of patient care.

The deal between RMC and Empress was driven by the ever-changing healthcare industry in the region and is designed to save jobs and provide the same level of care previously experienced. The deal does not impact Rockland Paramedic Services. Empress Ambulance Service, headquartered in Yonkers, NY, anticipates bringing all employees associated with RMC on board to ensure continuity in customer care and will maintain the current fleet of ambulances.

“We are excited about what this means to both companies and the employees. Empress is committed to working together to make the transition as smooth as possible,” states Minerva.

Empress is part of the PatientCare EMS Solutions family of companies with operations in Florida, South Dakota, and Texas as well as in New York which will allow RMC employees additional opportunities to gain experience and exposure to the ambulance industry with enhanced technology moving forward